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Once again, Playmaker Academy demonstrates great character, humor and citizenship.

Our Varsity Boys pooled together for a great opportunity to give back and have fun doing what they love....playing basketball! Our Boys 11-Elite was invited as guest team for W.L. Bonner Bible College, Columbia SC and their 1st New York Celebrity Basketball Game fundraiser. Event was held at El Faro Community Center, Harlem NY. Players participated in workout session with various players from tri-state area. After brief intermission, our players (Brandon Carroll, Danny Duffy, Thomas Duffy, Austin Freer, Kevin Townes Jr and Jordan Wright with help of 3-guest players) represented Puma family in a big way.

The professional team, Harlem Magic Masters International provides quality entertainment through the medium of basketball to empower and enrich youth. Playmaker Pumas did not disappoint but gave an entertaining and skillful game regardless of age, height or skill difference. Austin and Brandon didn't shy away from opportunities. As our bigs, they took every opening to drive in for layups and a few dunk attempts. Tommy, Danny and Kevin dropped 3-pointers. Jordan wasn't afraid to drive to basket and even drew a foul or two. Overall, everyone had fun and smiled as they played.

Let's congratulate our players for an outstanding day of giving back.



     Another display of the heart of our Playmaker Academy program. We instill in our players not only the skills needed to succeed on the courts but emphasize the passion of life off the court. Excelling in character and citizenship reinforces foundation of success.

Jack, Rob and Joe took the challenge to not only represent their Playmaker team but also their Rhinebeck community by participating in the Special Olympics 5K run to support The Anderson Center for Autism on 10/25/2014. We are so proud of them and look forward to great things.

Photo(left to right): Jack Spencer, Rob Veith and Joe Boland





2014-Fall Varsity Boys South

Photo(rear left to right): Jonathan Goldstein, Jack Spencer, Austin Freer and Rob Veith.
Photo(front left to right): Jake Jones, Joe Boland, Kevin Townes Jr and Vincent Santo.
Absent: Danny Duffy, Zaire Elleby, Alec Krasinski, Tyler Long and Jordan Pomarico.








Playmaker Academy Pumas Fall HS Boys JV North Team

placed 4th in Brewster's 2014 Westchester's Best HS Elite Basketball League. Ranking doesn't accurately portray the strength, fight and determination these Pumas demonstrated during this season. Most games were close and exciting clinchers. We competed and strengthened our team development and unity. Let's continue to encourage and support our rising stars!

Photo(rear left to right): Michael Pergolizzi, Michael Ryan, Jabreel Harrell, Chris Blaser, Kevin Townes Jr,
Photo(front left to right): Seth Finley, Danny Duffy and Marcello Alicea
Absent:: Sam Peek, Hayden Peek, Bryan Delaney and Andre Harris





Congratulations to Playmaker Boys Varsity North!

Brewster 2014 Westchester Best HS Elite Basketball Champions. Pumas went undefeated beating Kennedy Catholic Varsity in Championship game and completing the league with perfect record of 8-0. Team faced some challenges with 2-injuries but the family/team comradery kicked in to complete the task. Let's hear it for our boys! Futures are bright!!!

Photo(rear left to right): Frank Sbaschnik, Domonick Pergolizzi, Brandon Collins, Austin Freer, Ryan Daly, Jordan Wright, Elijah Hughes.
Photo(front left to right): Tom Duffy, Isaiah Fredericks, Danny Duffy, Kevin Townes Jr and Shane Checkley




Congratulations to our 2014-Fall 9th Grade Girls Elite team for going 2-0 at Trumbull CT 11/1/2014 Elite Hoop Dreams Tournament 15-U Division.

We only had 6-players and they played 2-awesome games with only a 1-game break between. These Pumas also swept Brooklyn's Rose Classic Jr NYC Fall 2014 14-U league going 5-0 in season and losing in semi-final which ended season at 6-1. Let's continue to encourage and support our players.

Photo(left to right): Alex Barry, Becca Townes, Farrah Sanford and Lexi Suarez.
Absent: Caroline Thompson, Jessica Miele and Emily Schidrich










Coach Ken and Playmaker Academy are proud of 6th grader Jaden Watkins. At school open house (10/2014) students writings are displayed. As his proud parents walked around they were just as proud to read his heart displayed to everyone and shared with Coach. Anyone knowing our coach knows things like this melt him and strengthens his smile.
Jaden, thank you for absorbing all that Coach pours into everyone of his players/trainees. It's all about building the best from the inside out.
Continue to excel!